Eight-year-olds Call for New Referendum

Everyone’s talking about the Brexit, so it’s time to hit the pavement and get the skivvy on the playground!  These children (or at least the ones that didn’t think Brexit was a cake) have a lot to say about the UK’s wrong decision to leave the EU.

“Now we have to listen to all these stupid letters all the time.  I’m already in school.”

That’s Ashley Kent.  She likes hopscotch and gummy sweets.

“It’s no fair.  They’re supposed to play by the rules.  Everyone else was playing fine and now they want to play something else.”

Ashley’s pursed lips say it all, but what about Billy Dale, playing with the big, yellow ball on the pavement?

“My mum said they were s’posed to stay in.  Only bad people are mean to mummy.  New rule.  It doesn’t count if you’re bad.  They should have to stay.”

Robby Winslow agrees.

“They’re all stupid liars.  They asked them already, and everyone said they wanted to stay, but then they lied and didn’t want to stay.  New rule!  You gotta do what you said first!”

Missy, playing on her swings, takes a more philosophical approach to the issue.  She believes the referendum doesn’t really count because only the UK got to vote.

“Everyone else gets to play, too, and they didn’t want us to leave!  Besides, I thought the rule was that you can’t vote with a blue shirt on, and some people had blue shirts on, so it doesn’t count.  New rule:  Let’s redo it only no blue shirts this time.”

And finally, little Mangela Urkel had some thoughts to add, while licking a lollipop:

“I heard that it was just Hitler voting over and over and that’s the only reason it worked.  New rule.  Hitler can’t vote.”

It’s hard to ignore the overwhelming demand for new regulation.