Children Need Summer Activities

Elena Bandy trumpets her care for children in more ways than being a mere teacher.  There are those in society that believe children are a valuable, precious asset, and should garner our protection and love as they are nurtured to maturity.

“That’s why we should send them off to war.”

Certainly there are some that may find such a suggestion harsh or extreme, but studies have shown that children engaged in activities during school vacation periods have improved test scores and community relationships.

“Outside of actual useful knowledge like mythology and civics, children need to develop team skills and learn to function under pressure to prepare for life as adults.  We can’t coddle them incessantly by letting them spend all their free time laughing and playing and enjoying their youth.”

I spoke with Elena from Soft Elementary’s junior safe room, with no children present as there were strong opinions being expressed.

“It’s really about more than just having an activity.  Without something to fill the time, some children may discover other activities, such as reading the literature of prominent libertarians like Ron Paul or George Bush.  They might even stumble upon the works of Mises.  We used to strive to keep books by Mises and Rothbard out of our libraries, but with the internet these days…and you never know what kids are looking up.”

The chilling thought that children might actively pursue knowledge outside the scope of approved education keeps Elena up at night, and it’s why she believes a quarter of each child’s year would be best spent on the battlefield.

“Naturally I don’t mean on the actual battlefield, unless it is absolutely necessary.  But children need to occupy their time.  And it’s so educational.  These kids learn first-hand how dangerous guns are, and why they should never want to own guns for personal use.  Children should be aware at an early age that guns are only for those highly trained individuals in the military or the police.”

Some question the validity of serving militarily as being a child’s activity.  But Elena, former gym coach, knows a thing or two about activity.

“Think of the fun things children would get to be a part of.  They could be overseas, meeting new and diverse cultures.  They get to march for hours, singing cadence.  All children love to sing.  And marching is great exercise.  Then there is learning about responsibility and discipline, and even a little math thrown in as they learn how to target with mortars.  The children even get to grow as part of a team, wearing the same uniforms and everything.”

It sure beats swimming, right?