White Supremacists Vote Hillary

In a striking parallel to the fundamental truth of the recent election, Corporal Sekovski believes we all need to take a step back.  According to Sekovski, the time has come for us to get serious, and really look at how a man like Donald Trump became President of the United States.

“It’s pretty obvious.  We’ve been so focused on the people who voted for Trump, we missed the bigger picture; White supremacists voted for Hillary Clinton.”

Very obvious.  It’s so obvious, there’s really not much left to report, but information should always be catalogued, especially when it is true.

“You see, it’s all about propaganda.  People who voted for Hillary voted for the losing candidate.  Those people didn’t vote hard enough, and in so doing they allowed a racist, white, bigoted, homophobic, white, monstrous, disingenuous, capitalistic, white male misogynist to become President.  We already know that everyone who voted for third party candidates must be racist, and those who didn’t vote are admitting to being white nationalists for throwing their vote away on candidates that couldn’t win, clearly implying they are on board for Donald Trump’s racist America.”

So the conclusion, crystal clear, is Corporal Sekovski’s following words:

“Closet white supremacists voted Clinton.  It’s the only logical conclusion.  They pushed hard, so no one would think to run a winning candidate against Donald Trump.  Even though white people are projected to become a much smaller majority, they still have the numbers to rig elections like this, and to conspire behind the backs of both parties to get a racist into office.  Except honestly the republicans probably wanted Trump anyway, even though many said otherwise.”

Sekovski doesn’t want anyone to think he’s suggesting conspiracy.  In the natural course of events, this tragic outcome is to be expected.

“We have a long way to go in this country.  I’m not sure what the proper response is.  I feel that taking away voting rights from white males wouldn’t have the necessary impact.  Russia would just influence things, and we can’t take away Russia’s voting rights, because they hack computers.  Maybe the way forward is to let everyone vote, and then choose the winner from whoever won the minority vote.  I have served my country faithfully in the line of duty.  I expect the people whose rights I fought to protect to do the same.  We should all work together to protect each other’s rights, regardless of race or gender.  Otherwise it will become harder and harder to prevent white males from exercising their rights in improper ways.”

Corporal Sekovski believes in first-strike principles, and is an ardent proponent of sanctions against Russia.